The Laser Center of the Munich University of Applied Sciences has the main objective to utilize the findings from basic-, applied- and industrial-research in the fields of photonics and laser technology in order to use them internally for educational purposes as well as using them externally in cooperation with industrial partners. Additionally, the Laser Center strives for international exchange of research results and researchers. The exchange of knowledge between all our staff is vital to us.

Our core areas are micro- and nano-machining as well as optical-measurement technologies. In particular, development and promotion of innovative & industrial applications of ultra-short pulse lasers.

Another focus is the teaching and training of students in the fields of laser physics, laser technology and the industrial application of lasers, which main topics include Gaussian optics, Nonlinear optics & laser-material-interaction. The LHM is closely involved in teaching as part of our Bachelor course “physical engineering” as well as our Graduate course “Photonics”. 

Engineering applications of the Laser Center include the development of manufacturing processes of thin-film solar-cells in cooperation with industrial partners. These processes are mostly based on laser-ablation with ultra-short pulses.